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JA Solar to Provide Solar Panels for Phoenix Solar's Georgia Solar Farm

Posted August 07, 2013.
Utility scale solar project

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd, a NASDAQ listed solar panels manufacturer has announced that it will be providing solar panels for the Simon Solar Farm, Georgia's largest solar energy project. JA Solar will provide solar panels with a combined capacity of 38.6 megawatts for the project being developed by Phoenix solar.

The Simon Solar Farm is owned by the Silicon Ranch Corporation while Phoenix Solar is providing the engineering, procurement and construction services. JA Solar is the sole provider of the solar modules for the entire project. Phoenix Solar and JA Solar have collaborated on other large scale projects in the past.

Georgia Solar Incentives and Buyback Program

Utility scale solar project

Did you know that Georgia is reckoned to have the fifth highest potential for solar power generation among all the states in the US? Yet, for years this vast potential has been underutilized such that Georgia does not feature in the top twenty states with high installed capacity for solar energy. However, this is all beginning to change and soon Georgia will begin punching its weight when it comes to solar energy installation and generation.

These are very exciting times for anyone looking to invest in solar power in Georgia. Other than the existing statewide and federal solar incentives and rebates programs, the state has embarked on a program that resembles, if not equating to the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards which have made solar energy such a hit in states like California and Arizona. This Guide contains all the information you need to plan your solar energy project to take advantage of the programs and tax rebates.


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While solar panel prices have has gone down significantly in recent years, the cost of putting up a solar energy system still remains high in the United States and especially in states like Georgia where a renewable energy portfolio standard is only just now being developed. To help you cut down on these soft costs of setting up your solar energy systems, Solar Panels GA  will design a solar energy system for you for free. You can then order the system right from us though there are no obligations on your part to do that.

On July 11th, the Georgia Public Service Commission passed a set of rules which will compel, Georgia Power, the state's largest power utility to commit to buy even more solar energy from residential and commercial solar installations in the state. There are attractive solar incentives now available for Georgia residents to enjoy following this policy change. We have provided all the details about the incentives, financing programs


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